Grass Fed Beef  
Chicken , Turkey & Eggs
The Lucky Spur Ranch offers farm raised, grass fed beef., chicken and eggs for purchase by the public.
We began raising our own meat because we weren't happy with what was being offered in the grocery
stores. We wanted meat that was free of growth hormones and that had been humanely raised and
processed. After years of being asked to raise custom meat for others, we've began raising and selling to
the public. Once you see and taste the difference between local, farm raised meat that arrives direct to your
table vs. store bought/ processed meats, you'll never go back to store bought!

We currently have a small herd of Lowline cattle (miniature Angus) that we raise for beef. Lowline's
originated in Australia and were developed to naturally marble on grass and hay. As a result, the meat is
lower in cholesterol and is extremely tender and tasty!  Because the breed is a "miniature" cattle, the size
is  more in line with what the modern family is looking for in regards to portion size and freezer space
needed to store the product.

We offer our beef for sale as young stock becomes "finished" and ready for processing. We use a local
processing facility in our home town
(normal trailer ride is less than 10 minutes from our farm to the
processing facility!)  
so the cattle spend less time in the trailer  and become less stressed. This results in a
more tender meat product.

The processor that we use,  packages the meat using a vacuum seal technique. While this does add a
slight increased charge to the processing, we feel that it is better in the long run as it helps to keep the
meat fresher- longer. Our processor also adds a label that states the cut of meat, the weight and date
of processing. These are all features that we and our customers have come to appreciate!

If you are interested in purchasing freezer beef by the 1/4, 1/2  or individual cut,  please feel free to call
or email to be put on the call list as animals are processed. Beef prices are subject to change based on
current hay/ processing price as well as the current market value. You will be given a quote per pound
when placing an order and non refundable deposit will be required to hold your order for large orders.
Free Range Chicken and Eggs
The Lucky Spur Ranch also offers free range chicken and eggs. We raise meat birds
in 5 groups during the spring and summer months. We take orders from our
customers and chicks are ordered accordingly. It takes approximately 9 weeks from
the time you place an order until the birds are processed and ready for pick up.  Our
birds are fed very well - with access to pasture, non-GMO feed and fresh water
available at all times. We even put fans inside the coop when it gets a bit warm
We utilize a local USDA Certified Amish farm to process our birds. They too offer
vacuum sealing as part of the processing of the birds. Again, this adds a little extra
cost however it pays off in the long run. A typical store wrapped chicken will only last
about 3 months in the freezer while a vacuum sealed bird can last up to 3 years!
Order now and have meat all winter long!
Chicken is sold by the pound . Price per pound includes butchering, cut into parts and
vacuum sealed. Birds can be left whole if requested prior to processing.
Chicken and Turkey will be $3.00/per pound for the 2015 season.
Chicken will typically "dress out" between 6-8 pounds per bird. If you would like to
have birds packaged by the 1/2 bird -  we will need to know prior to processing and a
slight fee will be charged due to additional packaging.
We raise one batch of Turkeys with Thanksgiving in mind. It takes approximately 4  
months to raise a turkey to "finish" - ready to be processed. Birds are scheduled for
processing the week of Thanksgiving so you and your family can enjoy a free range,
farm raised, fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving feast!  

Turkeys will typically "dress out" at approximately 18-22 pounds per bird.

Both Chickens and Turkeys can be smoked by our local processor for an additional
charge - this is a SUPER TASTY option!

Order dates for the 2015 season :

March 28
April 21
May 26
June 23
July 21 - Turkeys will be ordered for Thanksgiving

To inquire or place orders for meat
Grass Fed Beef & ChickenGrassfedmeat or call